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 There are hundreds of miles of trail on the San Isabel National Forest and on BLM land available for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, motorcycle, and OHV riding.  Individuals and groups can help maintain these trails and restore or protect resources in our area by “adopting” a trail or a section of trail. You or your group return on a continuing basis to ensure the trail you adopt remains in good condition.  


The Work

 The type of maintenance needed on each trail always varies – even weather can determine what work is necessary – but generally, you help remove rock and debris from the trail, trim brush, restore drainages, remove litter, and fix the tread. But it’s not only about the trail! We rely on our adopters for reporting invasive weed, visitor concerns, resource damage, and help with education too! See the duties checklist for specifics. Adoptees usually schedule work activities at least 3x/year and after major weather events. 


How You Can Adopt a Trail

 First, you or your group determine if there’s a trail that you are willing and able to take on. Then, an agreement is made between you or your group and the Forest Service (FS) or BLM. The Land Management Agency will provide technical direction, information about trail maintenance standards, basic training, and some tools. You provide the time, muscle, and energy to keep the trail/area in good repair, and track your hours and report information to the agency.  


What's in it for You?

We will put an “Adopt-a-Trail” name sign at the trailhead if appropriate, recognizing your contribution to maintaining these trails. Typically, a volunteer signs the Trail Adoption agreement and a year later, can request to have the sign installed. Your efforts will support the agencies in managing very important trails on your public lands. 



Trail adopters are some of the most valuable volunteers – we count on adopters to be our “boots-on-the-ground” and the eyes and ears of the forest. We appreciate your investment in public lands and maintaining sustainable trail systems for recreation users. Thank you for consistently dedicating time to care for a specific trail and our public lands. 



Step 1

Step 1

Step 1

 Once you've received training and are signed up as the adopter, get in the field! While on your adopted spot, take a photo of any trail concerns, get GPS coordinates, an accurate location description, and date. 

Remember that Trail Adopters help with additional aspects besides trail maintenance, include sign inventory, fixing fences, weed identification and removal, trash clean-up, visitor and resource concerns, corridor clearing, and removing illegal campfire rings.  


Step 2

Step 1

Step 1


What's the Plan? You can either:

  • Provide us with recent trail conditions from your patrol.
  • Share a trail issue or concern for the agency to assess, and indicate whether you are able to help. Or,
  • Report completed work.


Step 3

Step 1

Step 3

 Share with us! If you're an individual adopter, fill out the report form below and  include pictures. Or, provide your Trail Adopter report to your volunteer organization if the have their own reporting system. 

Interested in adopting a trail?


Find out if the trail you are interested in is already adopted click here

For more information contact:

 Connor Maher

Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator

 (719) 626-1084