“We live in a society that always has depended on volunteers of different kinds, some who can give money, others who give time and a great many who will freely give their special skills, full time or part time. If you look closely you will see that almost anything that really matters to us, anything that embodies our deepest commitment to the way human life should be lived and cared for depended on some form—more often, many forms—of volunteerism.”

  Margaret Mead and Rhoda Metraux,“Aspects of the Present” (1980) 


Thank you for your INTEREST in volunteering!

What counts as volunteering?

Planning meetings, travel time, field work, tool or facility maintenance and anything else you do that is directly related to the volunteer work. Please make sure all volunteer activities are covered on your volunteer agreement, and do not work outside the scope of the agreement. 

Step 1. Check out our Volunteer Calendar for projects already planned with one of our  local partner organizations. If you join one of our partnered organizations, then you will not need to fill out your own Volunteer Application.

Step 2.  If you have a specific project in mind or are not interested in joining one of our partner organizations, please contact the Upper Arkansas Valley Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator directly and fill out a Volunteer Application. The Volunteer Coordinator will help you schedule work days and projects with the USFS or BLM. 

Step 3.Review and sign a Job Hazard Analysis or RMA, articulating potential risks and mitigation for that volunteer activity. Sign the Volunteer Agreement and return the agreement to the Volunteer Coordinator for USFS or BLM approval and signature.

Step 4. Regularly check in and use this form to report your accomplishments:

Post-Project and Adopt-a-Trail Reporting Form


Campground Hosts

Wildlife Surveying & Citizen Science

Wildlife Surveying & Citizen Science

If you'd like to be a campground host on the San Isabel National Forest, positions are filled through Rocky Mountain Recreation Company, contracted with the US Forest Service. For other campground host opportunities visit Volunteer.gov, America’s natural and cultural resources volunteer portal.

Wildlife Surveying & Citizen Science

Wildlife Surveying & Citizen Science

Wildlife Surveying & Citizen Science

 Help track winter wildlife, make maps, do field surveying, and scouting in Wilderness or Browns Canyon National Monument. Contribute to a participatory research project like NatureWatch or bring a new CitSci program to our community! Check out the Thistle Mountain Project.

Lead Kids In The Outdoors

Wildlife Surveying & Citizen Science

Trail Construction & Repair

Check out what partners including GARNA and Get Outdoors Leadville! are doing to get kids outside. Whether leading field trips to teach kids about the forest, or participating in the AHRA Junior Ranger program, the outdoors should be a place for everyone!

Trail Construction & Repair

Trail Construction & Repair

Trail Construction & Repair

Connect with current volunteer stewardship organizations  that are already working on this! Check out the list of Local Volunteer Partners below. Or visit  our Project Calendar for a list of upcoming volunteer projects.  


Trail Construction & Repair

Have A Project In Mind?

 Are you frequently out on the trails and roads? Do you hike or ride USFS trails frequently? You can provide trail condition reports. Check out the RIMS App page and contact the Volunteer Coordinator to learn more.

Have A Project In Mind?

Trail Construction & Repair

Have A Project In Mind?

Projects are not limited to what is listed - there are many citizen science, interpretation, wildlife, surveying, and recreation projects that we could use your help with - just propose the idea!  Visit Volunteer.gov more more opportunities.

Local Volunteer Partners


There are many active local volunteer groups and partners that work with the USFS and BLM.  Some of the established groups are listed below - check out their links see how you can get involved:  

Ark Valley Climbers Coalition

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA)

Backcountry Horsemen of Colorado

Buena Vista Recreation

Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition

Central Colorado Conservancy

Central Colorado Mountain Riders (CCMR)

Cloud City Wheelers

Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO)

Colorado 14ers Initiative

Colorado Off Road Enterprise (CORE)

Colorado Mountain Club

Colorado Stay the Trail 

Colorado Quad Runners

Colorado Trail Foundation

Continental Divide Trail Coalition


Exit Tour Motorcycle Club

Fremont Adventure Recreation (FAR)

Friends of Browns Canyon

Friends of Fourmile

Friends of Twin Lakes

Get Outdoors! Leadville

Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA)

Great Old Broads for Wilderness

High Mountain Institute

High Rocky Riders OHV Club

Historic St. Elmo and Chalk Creek Canyon (HSECCC)

International Mountain Bicycling Association

Leave No Trace

Mile High Jeep Club

National Forest Foundation

Quiet Use Coalition

Rock Hoppers (Colorado) 

Rock Junkies

Rocky Mountain Backcountry Horsemen

Rocky Mountain Field Institute

Rocky Mountain Trials Association (RMTA)

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

Royal Gorge ATV Club 

Salida Mountain Trails
Salida Parks Open Space & Trails

Salida Recreation

Southwest Conservation Corps

Trails Preservation Alliance

Tread Lightly

Trout Unlimited (TU)

Upper Arkansas Wilderness Volunteers

Ute Pass Iron Goats

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC)

Wild Connections

For More Information Contact:

Connor Maher

Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator

 (719) 626-1084