The Colorado Mountain Club's Recreation Impact Monitoring System (CMC RIMS) is the place where grass roots citizen scientists capture observable data to help public land managers monitor trails, campsites and natural resources. CMC RIMS gives you the opportunity to collect data in a structured, assessment format and provide detailed information for Federal, State, and local land management organizations. 

CMC RIMS is your advocacy and conservation tool to help steward our public lands - improving recreational experiences and preserving natural resources for future generations. CMC RIMS supports individual user and organizational data capture and use goals. 

CMC RIMS free features include:

  • Map based interface with online & offline GPS locating
  • Search for Trailheads, Water Access & Campsites near you
  • "Check-In" to record your current recreation activity and assist with visitor use monitoring
  • Upload images

In addition to the free features, CMC RIMS volunteer "monitoring" features include adding data to assess and inventory:

  • Trails
  • Campsites
  • Water access points
  • Signs and facilities
  • Visitor use

Learn More

CMC RIMS is a collaborative effort between the Colorado Mountain Club and CANA Analytics. For more information on CANA visit 

For organizations that are interested in setting up data collection and use plans, or for more information on volunteering and training, contact Colorado Mountain Club by clicking the link below.

New online training!

 Please follow these steps get full access to the monitoring features in the app.

Step 1:  Watch this video in it's entirety

Step 2:  Take a short online quiz

  • You will be elevated to volunteer status within 48 hours of successfully completing the training quiz and have full access to the monitoring features within the app. 

Step 3:  Download the CMC RIMS app 

Step 4: Start monitoring!